Where do you work?

I am currently based in Croí Dubh Tattoo which is a private studio so appointment only.

33 Malone Road, BT9 6RU. (Right next to the lovely Barking Dog Restaurant!)

It is city centre so parking can be a little bit of nightmare so please allow extra time. Can usually find a space on one of the side streets though. Alternatively the 8 bus runs that way and Botanic Train station is a short walk away.

Do you do colour?

No chance! Big lover of all things black, there are plenty of other artists who are great at it, I prefer to just concentrate on blackwork.

What way do you price?

I price by the piece, I think this is the fairest way for my clients and nobody is watching the clock. Always have no problem working with a budget though, I am well aware tattoos are a luxury. 

If you are thinking of multiple pieces, a day sitting is the best option money wise for you. 

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, once appointment has been confirmed I require a £20 non-refundable booking fee. It is low because I believe in trust. You trust me to tattoo you, I trust you not to waste my time! 

If you cancel/reschedule within 48 hours your deposit is lost, if you give notice no problem transferring to a new date. If you no - show me no chance I will tattoo you! Its extremely rude! The deposit covers the idea that I have agreed on at the time of booking, if you change your mind on what you want a new deposit will be required. This covers the time used already. 

When will I see my design?

I dont show designs prior to the appointment but have no problems making changes on the day! As long as you tell me exactly what you want when booking shouldn't be any problems.

Do you have a waiting/cancellation list?

No, its honestly an admin nightmare! I will post available slots  on my Instagram stories! Turn post notifications on if you want to be the one of the first to know.

Do you do coverups?

Not really, my work has been described as 'see through' and I really think it fits! My work is mainly fineline and light so not suitable for coverups.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for my appointment?

Definitely! These would be the points I recommend:

Make sure you eat beforehand and bring some sugary drinks/ snacks with you.

  • A good nights sleep is a must!
  • Wear comfortable clothing that also allows me access to the area.
  • Have clean skin, so no fake tan! If you think the skin is rough in the area, you can exfoliate on the lead up to your appointment. You dont need to shave the area, I will do that.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol the night before, trust me on this one!
  • Dont be nervous, promise you will be totally fine!
  • Bring a sugar based drink or some sweets with you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I can take cash, PayPal or bank transfer but please be aware we dont have a card machine in the studio.

What about aftercare?

So all artists have their own aftercare so it can get confusing! But what I recommend is:

Keeping the clingfilm on for a minimum of 2 hours, take it off, warm soapy wash, pat it dry and then apply a very small amount of cocoa butter, just enough to make your skin shine. You should wash and apply cream twice a day for 2 weeks. If its heavier work you can rewrap for the first night. They can get a bit gross! It will get dry, flakey and itchy usually about day 5/6. DO NOT SCRATCH!! 

While its healing, NO swimming, saunas, sun exposure, fake tan, waxing, shaving, exfoliating that area! If you have any worries or issues though drop me a message!

Do you do Gift Vouchers?

Afraid not, the way my diary opens and closes it doesnt work anymore.